Order Made Form


◆I am receiving an order of the picture which is bigger than A3 or A4 size with this form.
I am able to porpduce a Giclee picture of the size such as s50,f50 or s80 ,f80.
And It is possible pastel painting and Japanese painting,or acrylic painting.
It was on an giclee printing.
Plese tell me the size and drawing material and what kind of picture do you want,and what kind of place do you want to display it .
I make a written estimate and send you.

If you want other order of my art work ,an service and the project which you want to depend on.




e_mail address


What kind of size do you want

What kind of picture material do you want
Giclee printingPastelAcrylicJapanese Pigment


Could you please state the reason for your inquiry?