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My name is Masahiko Yokota. I am a modern artist living in Sapporo-shi Hokkaido Japan. This is my Official Site

◆What is the art of painting.

The art of painting is some kind of expression.It is the freedom of the artist what he express.

The artist may express thought or opinion or assertion ,and may be [pose a hint, an opportunity] to let a thought act and imagination such as "Fontaine," The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even " of Marcel Duchamp work.

Japanese modern artist Hiroshi Senju said that art is communication , but if it isi so, all the people talking in a town are an artist.

The value of the art is decided by the quality of expression contents and expression technique , expression method. The fields such as literature, music, drama, movie, poem do not matter to this.Hi quality work express high Superior contents , Low quality work express dull contents.

◆Development of the production thought of the art

Development of the production thought of the art of paintings is to realize a new combination of heterologous thing .

The artist derrick down the wall of preconceived idea one after another,and hits on many newer ideas more and more and produces it more freely. Now,many people fixed on the idea that the artists must paint picture which he watch. But many painters such as Leonardo da Vinci drew thought and imagination. It was released from the fixed idea.

Imagination is like a flying bird , He derrick down the wall, and rushes about freely and overlooks the whole, and builds the building of the thought called the play and the drama.

It is this meaning that Odilon Redon said " The ceiling of the Impressionists room is low. Because Impressionism is going to draw human psychology and unconsciousness, thought and scientific recognition. Redon drew the monster whom there was not in the world , and became a pioneer of the surrealism.

The heterologous new combination of the things is usual practice of the innovation The surrealism expressed a new combination of the heterologous thing.

I think that we can produce a new interesting and a fresh works of art by using this method more and more. Interesting and Freshness are the same meanings mezurashiki(珍しき) of Zeami. Zeami(世阿弥), the second, is famous as a person who achieved perfection of Noh play in Japan .(AD1360?~1443?) Production of the works of art is play in the meanings that Roger Caillois  said "Saint, Worldy ,Play". It is the same meanings that John Lennon said "I play a sound and words" to the fan who take the content of Jhon’s poem seriously, and is troubled seriously.

◆Core of the art is a deep impression experience.

Since Marcel Duchamp, the contemporary art aroused that peple think more freely ,but it did not necessarily give you an deep impression. But I am sure taht core of the art is a deep impression experience.

The meaning of "art" of this case will be that "The wonderful and virtuoso and mooving performance supported by very severe training ". In other words it is an impression experience. The impression experience is made from the heart that the author is impressed by many things and his impression experience .

This play is a same meaning as the play that Roger Caillois defined. Play is born from unification of Saint and Wordly,and expressed selves ="whole characteristics of the mind" Saint is intelligence and spirituality, space, air, masculine gender.Wordly is Business and the body, material, motherhood.

※Selves is the idea difined by Carl Gustav Jung.

It is the same meaning that Carl Gustav Jung said "The person must feel charm for body and soul". Deep impression experience is the best experience that a human being can obtain in the life, and tell you the aim of the life clearly?

◆Translation possibility of each art field

For example, so that a picture and music are so,each field of the art may say that each existed independently basically,While it is mentioned certain association

Many people thougt that the picture did not move, an animation as an exception. And it has been said that there was not the element of the time when music had an animation toward the picture as an exception as a general rule, Because the structure of both is totally different.

They thought that it is impossible to express time by a picture.And people thought that will do. It is impossible to express time characteristics by the picture which stood still and thinks that it has been settled for it again.

But all art fields express the same contents,Eeach field only has the strong and weak points of medium of expression. But at last,I discovered an existing common scientific law between music and pictures by a longtime study. This epoch‐making discovery is the first time in the world I applied myself to the study of popular music. As a result I succeeded in expressing rhythm, melody, musical scale, dominant note by a picture.

When it comes to this, one artist draws a novel and make a poem from the novel,and add music to poem, and translate it to picture. On the contrary, a painter can translate a picture into poem and music and a novel. This is historical big innovation of the art.

When you appreciated my recent work of art , you will feel rhythm and melody such as the music ,and a poetic sentiment. But it is caused by the progress of these production theory.It is because I am using this theory with my recent pictures

◆Relations of the abstract painting and music

Paul Klee 『fugue of red』

fuga of red What is the purpose of abstract painting which was begun by Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee ,It is to realize a music state of the picture.

American exponent of abstract expressionism was begun as was leading theoretical teacher,In a black mountain college of New York after World War II. Josef albers was a co-worker of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee at the Bauhaus in German. He was drawing a geometric picture such as the constructionism. Therefore United States abstract expressionist painter came to think by mistake that essence of the pictures is to push forward complanation more.

However, it was to let a color and a point, a line, an aspect loose from the limitation of the concrete object as Kandinski did it. And it was to use it freely in total for the purpose of a color. It may be said that they have started from branch abstraction expression of constructionism Bauhaus.

Before Kandinsky , Odilon Redon respected by painters of Nabis Our Mallarme blessed with talent of music" proposed a concept called "The suggestive art". Redon thought Mona Lisa as a monumental achievement of the suggestive art. It is because Mona Lisa excited imagination and the idea and fantasy of a lot of people until today . It may be said that the suggestive art is a pioneer of a 'MUSIC PICTURE'.

kyoto 1945 August 6
AM 8:14:59

 It is a picture completed on December 8, 2018
Because I used the common law of the picture and music that I discovered this time.
 This is finished a art work that you can feel rhythmical and melodious emotion in a similar way when you listened to music.
 This time I realized Music state of the picture that “京都慕情=The Kyoto affection” which is a hit song in Japan 1970 .
 京都慕情=The Kyoto affection” was composed by The Ventures.
Aren’t you taken by the feeling that you are listening “The Kyoto affection” when you watch this picture.
 In other words ,this picture is the art work which succeeded in integrating music and picture for the first time in the world.
 By the way, this title is one second ago of the atomic bombing of Hiroshim .


The longer you live, the more shame you suffer

 This title is the words that was wittren into the book of Chuang-tzu who is a Chinese philosopher,
 There is a person like a 'Kikaider' in front of an operating table. Where is the scenery of the window.
 It is Mars.
※'Kikaider' is a japanese hiro of the special photographing TV program of the Shotaro Ishimori original.
  Kikaider Wikipedia
 The key reading and understanding this picture is an thought of Peter Andreas Thiel , who is the first investor of Facebook and the founder of Paypal.
 He said "the aim of my life is conquest of the death".
 Thiel is a friend and associate partner of paypal with Elon Reeve Musk .
 He is the CEO of Sapce X(Space Exploration Technologies Corp),SpaceX promotes a Mars emigration plan.